Mental Health is Never a Platitude

-By Queen Ernest


Mental Health, phew, how many times do we talk about that these days?

Answer? Not enough!

You’ve probably read about mental health and how delicate of a topic it is but no matter how many times you see that we expect that you never get worn out by it, but rather hold on to this tip- Anytime you see a Mental Health discourse, consciously take a moment and genuinely ask yourself how your mental health is faring.

 Ask yourself “how are you?” and sincerely answer that.

That is one giant step to being a Mental Health Champion because the first lap of solving a problem is identifying it.

With all the chaos and aches going on in the world, we can only conquer and win this fight against injustice and violence and everything else when we have conquered the chaos and aches within us, first.

Here are practical tips to check and maintain mental health in this period:

Be intentional and particular about safeguarding your mental health

Don’t feel bad for doing this. Make a clear stance about it, to yourself especially. Know when to be selfless and when you are the self that needs more.

As much as possible, STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA (Are we screaming into your ears? Sorry, not sorry, we care so much) 

Social Media is where all the drama, gist, news and everything is, and naturally, we need social media now more than ever to stay abreast with happenings and even with entertainment. Fair! but take a drastic cut-down.

You can even take full days off occasionally, and I promise you, you won’t die.

If Social Media is your work-channel, that’s fair too! But there is a need to filter what you consume.

You shouldn’t jump on any and every news, every gist, every discussion, every trend,

How much do you love yourself? 

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CONSCIOUSLY filter. Guard your space like it’s a matter of life and death because, in truth, it is.

If you miss out the news for a day or two life will still move on and you’ll be fine.

Try these steps, you will still make it.

2020 has been filled with lessons.

Prioritise your health. Take it seriously. Put your health issue in the ‘Highly Important’ folder.

An article from Harvard Medical School presented a study that showed that too much of screen light can cause blurred vision, teary eyes, fatigue, insomnia, and on rare occasions, brain damage.

Not to scare you but, need I say more?

The Mental Health push is not overrated and will never be.

The thing about keeping our mental health in check is that it is quite easy to ignore or go unnoticed because as we push to live daily, thrive, flourish, earn, groove, we tend to forget about our mental health.

When we draw the curtain for the day, do we feel good only because we earned the cheque and beat the deadline? Or also because we took a pause and checked ourselves and realise that our peace was indeed within us?

Your mental health determines the quality of your life. Don’t play with it.

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