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Kennedy’s Pancakes

Kennedy Awam, Nigeria.

It was my 2nd week of having to compulsorily “Stay at Home”, COVID-19 had staged a successful coup and taken over the Globe, so, it was just the right time to try my hands on a long time dream of mine-“Learn how to Bake”- but wetin make I bake? I asked myself!

Quickly I went online, and discovered how easy Pancakes could be achieved, also how yummy they looked when ready-

Yes, that’s it, I’m baking pancakes today! Google gave me a simple breakdown of it with pictures, and the rest was, -should I say history? Lol… I ordered my ingredients from Mummy Timothy(the caterer who had a stall down the street) and within minutes, I was feeling like an Inventor in his Laboratory.

Initially, everything seemed to be under control, mixing and twisting and turning and whisking and tasting and smirking, above all praying that my labour doesn’t come out in vain…

Cut to the final scene-

It turned out that, things were not as they seemed, and yes I enjoyed my “Pancakes”,  thanks to the complimenting honey from a Girlfriend of mine (I think she did it out of pity) who also assisted In kindly getting rid of the palatable pastry, but if you ask me my verdict on my whole experience in the pursuit of discovery, I’ll sum it up with “Practice makes perfect” (munching on my Pancakes).


About Kennedy:

Kennedy Awam, 28, is a fitness enthusiast. He hails from Imo state, lives in Ibadan, loves dogs, but hates staying at home.  Kennedy’s phobia: gamophobia (fear of commitment). In his spare time, he enjoys photography and loves to put a spin on words.

He’s also begging the government to make life better for us in Nigeria.

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  1. Please make a few extra for your readers next time lol.

    Also, have you tried eating pancake with groundnut? OMG! 😍

    • We’re sure Kennedy will try those pancakes for the next time and also make some extra😄
      Thank you for your comment George.

  2. I got good info from your blog

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