Chasing Clout- Away

By Queen Ernest

Hey There!

Let’s talk about Clout Chasing.

Chasing Clout is fast becoming the best bet to trend these days, and aside from it being so uncalled for, its a really sad thing that there are also the set of people that wait by the other side of the road to catch it.

In case you don’t know this, chasing clout is an obsessive compulsion that makes people thirsty for attention, and at any cost.

Fam, you chasing clout, have you even used that energy to chase your dream(s)?

In this social media era, people will do anything to trend, but what these clout chasers do not remember is that chasing clout does no good, just bad -especially those terrible clouts that makes one cringe -like people faking their death, or the death of a friend /family member, falsely accusing a person or brand, leaking personal videos/screenshots, etc.

It does not even give you money -but let’s assume it does, Is it worth your honour and strength? No; and bearing in mind that nothing is hidden under the sun and all that clout will come to light, do you want the media to buy ‘I-pass-my-neighbour’ generator and sufficient fuel to drag you, I bet ‘No’ too -see? It’s all no.


What is the motivation to chase clout?

I often wonder if these people just wake up, put on sneakers and start a sprint -chasing clout? Breathe, please, it’s just Social media. Live in the moment, let things fall in place for you -don’t rush.

Go at your own pace and stop craving people’s attention. Don’t ruin someone else, as much as you shouldn’t ruin yourself -all for clout’s sake- it’s not that important, really- and don’t support clout chasers – in my opinion, you should call them out.

Jesus and Allah weren’t even in the times of social media but look at the billions following them, and they got this without a hint of clout! –you can follow in their footsteps, dears.

Build up followers, but not necessarily on the Social Media space -it could be at home, in school, among peers and it shouldn’t be on the ground of lies and clout.

Have estimable traits of honour, dignity, honesty within you and let people follow you (as the leader that you are).

Gain followers reputably and in honestly.

If you ever have to chase clout, make sure there is an away right after it.



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