New Discoveries; Let’s do This!

– Queen Ernest

You know that feeling when you open your phone for the day, log into social media, and whoosh! all the ‘Motivate-me-and-Inspire-me’ people and pages you follow flood your screen with beautiful content on self-improvement, opportunities to grab, intellectual gbas-gbos, so much that you can’t even control your hand from typing “Omg, so timely?” “Yass, speak to me. I need to hear this!” “The best thing on the internet today” “I’m starting this (practice) right away”

You go ahead to bless the poster, making a mental note to start doing that, but as the week is wrapping up, so is the enthusiasm, then you hiss at yourself for being so unserious to change. Rinse. Repeat.

Relatable behaviour trend! It has happened to us all!

Here’s what you should know; learning new things, especially if they are good things, takes a lot of conscious effort, so gushing about it and promising to start practice right away is no help.

One of the consequences of social media is the pressure on people to seem ahead of the pack; such that in-between living, working, making an impact, we are also consumed with learning and knowing everything possible: Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, cooking, every hygiene etiquette, error-free life, the list is endless. None of these are bad in themselves, but for the fact that we want to grasp all the knowledge at a glance.

Learning is a process. It is not rushed or forced; it comes steadily. It could take hours, days, weeks, months, for total assimilation. We need to realise that it’s okay not to know everything, and even in the things you need to know, it’s okay to be in the oblivion, but only for some time.

Except you have a presentation to make on all the topics on earth and to be delivered tomorrow, I don’t see why you’re stressing your brain and rushing to learn everything at once.

Take it easy, you will learn them.

This article is not to make you lazy and/or comfortable in your ignorance, it’s just to make you understand that in learning and acquiring wisdom to teach, apply in conversations or whatever reason you want to be knowledgeable, you don’t need to beat yourself up for not knowing or doing them, yet.

Don’t live by the world’s expectations.

Do you, except ‘you’ is mediocre, then don’t.

Learning is a process, so you need to be intentional about it.


Here are some tips to help

Breathe and Play“Am I not breathing? Did I mention I’m dead? and wait, play? like jigsaw or ten-ten?” Haha, just breathe, and play. Life is not that hard.

-Note it down. Back to our initial scenario of motivational posts screaming at you; note them down in an actual book, instead of in your head. You can have a dedicated book for this or a separate page in a book for it. By all means, write it out.

This will enable you to take the lessons one after the other, instead of cluttering your brain. It also makes you accountable, so when someone comes around and you need them to know what you’ve been learning, your book will not disappoint you. After all, you wrote it with your eyes wide open. It helps you put a structure to what you want to learn. You are more likely to start a course when you have written it down.

Even if it’s a new word to learn, write it out, then you can subsequently start using it.

This helps you keep track of your ‘To learn/practise’ list.

-Prioritise what you want to learn, first and when you’ve learnt as much as your brain can sincerely take per time, you move to the next set. Repeat.


A Practical Guide

For instance, you are flooded with talks, videos and posts that were on a variety of topics like the examples below

*Learning to say No

*Start exercising

*Learn one new thing daily

*’4 new vocabs’

*’Application for 2 opportunities’

*Communication skills

*Mentorship programme

*’DIY content on anything’

*How to write proposals and cover letters

*Tips on coaching

*Advantages of a burner account


You definitely can’t do all these in one day, so first, you list them out as you scroll through and see them. Then, you prioritise which one(s) to start with; say the first three options, plus two words from the 4 new vocabs section.

Next, you start doing them consistently for days. When you become familiar, and as you keep adding to the list of ‘discoveries’, you take on the new item(s) and start practising.

For applications, you set completion dates before the deadline, to give you time to submit an application you would be proud of.

Don’t rush. Give yourself space and time, you deserve it.

You’re welcome.

-Be intentional. When you’ve picked out the list of thing(s) you want to learn or start practising, be intentional about them

Studies have proven that to learn a new pattern or habit, you should practice doing it for at least 21 days, and it’s only intentionality that can keep you on one course for this long before it becomes a habit or life-practise.

Also, be intentional about understanding the motive or perspective the poster is coming from, that way, it’s more effective to handle and quite harder to forget in a hurry.

Don’t be pressured by the world, it’s a scam. Learn, thrive, push, aspire, perspire if you must, but let it all be in a process.

Don’t be pressured by the 24year-old who has already graced the World Bank podium, meanwhile, the only podium a 30-year-old human being like you has graced is the church’s, to share a testimony of how the palm tree in your compound missed smashing your fowl.

Smile. You’ll be just fine. 

The snag of rushing to be a by-force know-it-all is that you mentally and psychologically drain yourself.

When you get discoveries, you can always come back to them, one at a time, then you practice consistently till you get used to it/them.

Rushing to do everything at once is the reason why you’ll see a post ten years later and fill the comment box with “Omg, I’ve seen this before“, “Did that once, how could have I have forgotten” “Will dust off, and get back to doing this” Why? Because you were in a haste, and without absorbing and following due process you ran to the next and lost all the way.

Don’t just bless this post, bookmark the points, be intentional about following the guidelines, and you will record a personal growth that will knock you off your feet.

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